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Working in Lockdown

June 8, 2020 |


[1]  Campagna, F., 2019. Technic And Magic. London [i pozosta?e]: Bloomsbury Academic.

[2]  Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage, 2018. [TV programme] All 4: Channel 4.

[3]  Le Guin, U.K., 1997. Dancing at the edge of the world : … Read More

New beginnings, senses, faces, and filters.

June 3, 2020 |

After presenting our project Hegemony of Vision at the project fair, we decided to split as a group and work in pairs to build on our ideas in differing directions. As a pair we will be focusing less on a final … Read More

Hegemony of Vision – Work in Progress Report

April 28, 2020 | | 2 Comments

The Hegemony of Vision’ refers to the preference of vision over the other senses in contemporary culture. This mixed-reality installation questions the relationships between our senses, particularly touch, which is frequently excluded from fine art and interactive contexts. Guided in … Read More