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Bitmap Choir – Work in Progress Report

Bitmap Choir – Work in Progress Report

The Bitmap Choir is a game that invites people with or without musical training to express and enjoy a collaborative music-creation experience. It is designed to gather people around the world to sing together, allowing anyone to create and find expression through our universal language, music. 

The creators’ of The Bitmap Choir were inspired to create this game in response to the global social damage during COVID-19. This social interruption has transplanted physical face-to-face interactions into virtual space via pixels behind our screens. Despite the disruptions, we are creating new forms of communication to generate musical creation from social damage.  

Our pixelated visual design amplifies how the virtual world is constructed behind screens. In The Bitmap Choir’sgrid of gigantic pixels, columns represent chords, and rows represent musical notes each player has to sing. As a choir, players are given a set timeframe to reach the assigned musical note in order to proceed to the next chord. At the end of the performance, your choir will be able to playback and download your expressive creation.  

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