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Graffiti Research Lab at Ars Electronica

  • On September 6, 2006

While I was in Linz, Austria for Ars Electronica, the Graffiti Research Lab put together a workshop to make as many LED throwies as they could and then organised a meeting in the town center to decorate the trams that run through the city. Unfortunately my video of the event seems to be corrupted but I’ve got one image of a lucky tram that got the GRL treatment. You should have seen the passengers of the trams faces when the crowd from Ars Electronica decended on them. You can see a some of the Graffiti Research Lab‘s other events and documentation on their website.

An LED throwie is a small, battery-powered light, attached to a magnet (usually with conductive epoxy or electrical tape), used for the purpose of creating graffiti and light displays. They were devised by the Graffiti Research Lab as a new kind of graffiti art to be used on ferromagnetic surfaces. 

see how to make an LED Throwie  


  1. thanks for putting this tips for making your own throwie up – this so appeals to my sense of mischief!!! and i totally dig this blog!

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