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Kinetic Art and Architecture part 2 – Anthony McCall

  • On December 1, 2006

During my current work research (see previous post) I came accross the beautiful work of Anthony McCall and thought I’d post it as my second post in a series on kinetic art and architecture. He used film to explore ideas of space, architecture and duration – in his piece Long Film for Four Projectors  (1974) see below  he conjured up four walls of intersecting light. The actual work occurs in the space between the film projector and the screen.

As with his earlier work, Line Describing a Cone (1973) see below, McCall encourages a heightened sense of relational involvement with his audience as the solidity of the light is enhanced through the use of fog machines.


  1. well another work (mabe inspired by anthony mccall) is “Fades” by Carsten Nicolai. The difference is that Nicolai is using Custom Software to generate the Projection in Realtime… see

  2. Jill McCall

    Beautiful and inspiring.

    His current exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery is a must for those who understand and for those of us to whom it is merely a sublime experience of interactual art. Not to be missed.

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