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Guerrilla Lighting – Switched ON London

  • On February 10, 2007

Graffiti Writing to Guerrilla Lighting, yes it seems everyones a rebel these days, even the director of BDP lighting, Martin Luptn who has assembled a crack team of local lighting designers, architects, interior designers and manufacturers, all of whom are keen to draw attention to the possibilities, and importance of, lighting in the urban environment.

Under the guidance of a team leader, each member will take part in creating transient lighting designs by using high powered torches, battery powered LED projectors, luminous dot lights and an array of gels and filters. Instructed to be in a specific position and at a given distance from their target, the teams will simultaneously light up various aspects of the Pool of London’s architecture on cue at the sound of an air horn, creating a dramatic spectacle. The installation will photographed, the lighting turned off and then the team move on to the next site. It has been organised as part of Switched ON London which is a seven night celebration of the relationship between light, architecture and the city consisting of temporary lighting installations and a series of light related events with an overall concept theme of ‘theatre’. London’s first festival of light is currently running from the 8th to the 16th February. More details on the other installations to come…


  1. speaking of lightning: PinGmag features London-based United Visual Artists (UVA) and their LED installations for PlayStation, Massive Attack or U2.
    Article here:

  2. Dear all,

    we have seen you ‘actions’ in London on your web site and we have had the idea to organize something similar here in Milan.
    We have done it last month and it was a great goal (considering that it was our 1st time!). A very special and magic night.
    We involved many people and so many fans.

    Here the English translation of our press release and if you like to see the pictures you can go on our web site

    We are thinking about the next action, maybe on middle of July, and with great pleasure we let you informed about it.

    We appreciate your comments, suggestions, helps…

    Thanks for your attention. Bye




    The light of a single candle in the dark is little; a myriad of tiny flames can bring reality to light.

    Guerriglia Luminosa is a team spontaneously made up of light designers, artists, architects, art directors and various ‘fans’ with the common goal of giving importance to the various possibilities of using light in an urban context.

    The team moves quickly during the night from one side of the city to another, creating fleeting paradoxical scenes, for a brief moment distorting the urban context: action, moment, theatricality.

    The cue is given with a loud metallic sound and simultaneously the action starts, diversified in the urban context, rapid, motivated and un-expected and after photographing the installation, the lights are extinguished. The only traces remaining are the images.

    The first guerrilla action is taking place in an area of considerable decay: The Darsena, once an ancient port and now marshland.


    Give me your answer.

    If you are interested, spread the news with whatever means you have, get as many people as possible involved and participate in ‘illuminating’.


    Friday 20 April 11pm

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