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LightPoints – SCHOTT

  • On February 24, 2006

Here's some pretty slick glass/light technology called LightPoints, one of many architectural materials developed by Schott. Not specifically designed to be interactive but with some cleverly placed sensors and DMX control system for LED switching there's potential for some very nice interactive architecture indeed.


A pane of transparent glass conducting electricity is equipped with LEDs. Using the PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral Foil) laminate method, a cover glass is then added. The LEDs available in white, blue and green emit light in both directions.

The red and yellow LEDs radiate only in one direction. The power (low voltage DC) is supplied through conductive circuits on top of the glass that are almost completely invisible.


  1. Janeth Jimenez

    Hello, my name is Janeth and im a junior at Dixon High School in California, USA. and in my applied chemestry class were doing this major researsh project and since one day i hope to go to college and major as an architect or an engeneer in architecture my topic is mew meterials in architecture…so this website was perfect to get started in finding ideas and nerrow down my topic a bit… and i found the LightPoint by Schott and i belive at this piont im going to stick with it and later find out how well i did presenting this new meterial to the my class….ofcourse ill site all my seasources…
    thanx alot for your time
    a greatfull student, Janeth

  2. cococopy

    Nice pictures, but how are the wires fixed to the glass on the top pic? 😉 some serious photoshop magic there..
    BTW: To see the original, check

  3. Mohammed

    Dear COCOCOPY,

    This is not a photoshop magic,

    if U like to see it really then go to dubai Airport and see it your see it u r self.

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