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Self Regulation- Wearables


 Reveal the condition of human subconscious through the environment in Real time

Normally people would ignore most of the environment sound; however those sound could actually affected us subconsciously. Our group are interesting in how people could affected by the environment subconsciously by reading the galvanic skin response (GSR) data while walking in the street. In our experiment, the bio data could dropped and effected by the environment easily by for example the human behaviour: cheering after the street performance and people screaming in Tottenham court road station.


Therefore our design in step one is to focus on wearables device which could help people feel the feeling when it changes by using the heating pad placing on the back neck which could triggered by the biosensor. At the other side of the device we placed LED lights in order to visualise the bio data. The purpose of this is to help people who have difficulty to express there feelings properly. The future aim of the device is to make the device itself a regulation, not only sensing the feelings but  a self regulation for examples a wearable massage device.




The picture on the right is the first device prototype with heart rate sensor linking to finger. We like to create the a soft robotic like material by this knitting the rubber band.


Collective Installation- Future Image

Visualization of the data that Represent the condition of the city environment which are different between spaces













The next step we would like to built an installation to represent the collective feelings biodata of the environment. Every time the installation collects the data from surroundings the form of the installation changes. This could be the representation of the city. The more hyperactive bio-data receive the more interactive the installation is.


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