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6th Annual Weblog Awards

January 4, 2006 |

The nomination phase for The 6th Annual Weblog Awards are now in session and open to everyone to give their nominations.

Just so you know is based in the UK

Hint Hint Hint!!!

Okay enough shameless hints, dont forget … Read More

Autonomous Pedestrian Interfaces for Community Networking

January 4, 2006 |

Here’s Leonardo Amerigo Bonanni’s Masters Thesis at MIT exploring the design of a street furniture system to provide autonomous computer kiosks in the form of bus stops, public bathrooms, atms and other shelters. Nice modular and adaptive designs but … Read More

Boiling an Egg with the help of Interactive Architecture

January 2, 2006 | | One Comment

Video (40Mb) – Example of using interactive architecture to boil an egg

Video from Discovery Channel with Dr. Ted Selker of MIT talking about some of the projects.

The real world is not a computer screen. When can … Read More

Festo – Upside Down Balloon Illusion

January 1, 2006 | | One Comment

I’ve mentioned Festo a couple of times over the past few months because they are producing great new dynamic materials and components which can be applied to interactive architecture like the work the Hyperbody Research Group are doing at Delft. … Read More

XL – New York, Desgrippes Gobe Group

December 30, 2005 |

Start your night off floating in the clouds of heaven and end up in the fires of hell, the XL Bar is a dramatic space but its the 2 banks of projectors changing in real-time that make this one of … Read More

D-Edge – Muti Randolph

December 28, 2005 | | 2 Comments

More interactive architecture from the club scene.

Tripping the light fantastic has gone disco crazy. Designers accross the globe are rekindling the halycon days of Saturday Night Fever through the futuristic application of LEDs, fibre optics and Neon Lighting.

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Ferrofluid Sculptures by Sachiko Kodama

December 27, 2005 | | 37 Comments

Ferrofluid is a very interesting material originally developed by NASA it has now found itself been used for a whole range of devices including dampers for controlling and stabilizing large building that move around in the wind. Whats also amazing … Read More

Architecturally Compliant Christmas

December 25, 2005 |

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas

Just a thought. Is your Christmas Architecturally Compliant with all building regs?

Check out the full Specs

Also check out this hilarious revision of the specs from Gravestmor

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Reciprocal Space – Europrix Top Talent Award Quality Seal

December 24, 2005 |

This Years Europrix Jury has awarded 20 Europrix Top Talent Award Quality Seals to student projects from all over Europe. Heres the full list.

I’m very pleased to say that my own kinetic interactive architecture research called Reciprocal Space … Read More

Kinecity – Comment Wall

December 23, 2005 |

Comment Wall by Kinecity (Marek Walczak, Jakub Segen and Michael McAllister) is a wall where people can write their thoughts directly onto a wall using their fingers. The camera-recognition system remembers their text and displays it over time. The … Read More

Interactive Architecture interviewed by HMC MediaLab

December 22, 2005 |

HMC Medialab do great work but they also have been encouraging experimentation between the arts, science and technology disciplines particularily in the West of England. Check out their projects Lacuna, Hyperfabric, and their multi-award winning project Eyeborg

Recently Adam Montandon … Read More

Karl Schroeder, “Cyberspace, R.I.P.”

December 21, 2005 |

Great Quote I thought I’d put on since I was recently asked what the relationship between cyberspace and interactive architecture is.

Cyberspace, RIP by Karl Schroeder from Future Now

“It’s this overlay of the virtual over the real that makes … Read More

Peter Marino – Tokyo – Chanel

December 21, 2005 | | One Comment

With a 10-floor palace of glass at the ritziest of all Tokyo addresses, Chanel launched its biggest boutique in the world. The store opened December 4, 2004. This lavish building in the Ginza district features a concert hall, a … Read More

Primal Graphics – Jim Campbell

December 20, 2005 |

This is an Installation that was at Battery Park in New York a while ago by Jim Campbell whose website has dozens of his installation works that play with light, movement and ideas about memory.

“In Primal Graphics, a … Read More

Interactive Facades by Edigma

December 18, 2005 |

Interactive Facades are appearing all over the place at the moment and here’s a product that is selling it to the commercial market to entice shoppers in through inital interactive events that can occur inside or remotely from the architecture.

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Adam Greenfield on Ubiquitous Computing

December 16, 2005 |

Ubiquitous Computing integrates computation into the environment, rather than having computers which are distinct objects. An major aspect of interactive architecture “Ubicomp” is an essential part of embedding architecture with digital systems.

Here’s an English translation of an interview recently … Read More

escher like you’ve never seen it before

December 16, 2005 | | One Comment

Okay so this isn’t interactive architecture but I love this piece of work made by Andrew Lipsom, so I thought I’d share it with you.

from gravestmor

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Paper-thin Batteries

December 15, 2005 |

NEC Corp. said Dec. 7 it has developed a thin, pliable battery that can be charged in about 30 seconds. The new product, 4 centimeters square and 0.3 millimeter thick, can light a light-emitting diode for about 20 minutes after … Read More